Coping with troubles

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Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen”. This is the title of a well known traditional song. It rings truthfully, because experiences of suffering, trials and tribulations are personal. Others may witness acts of injustice or cruelty, but each individual deals with the impact in ways that are personal.

Following on from this, all of us have our own requirements and needs in order to heal. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it seems futile to speculate about the quality of how anyone feels pain apart from one’s self.

Someone who manages to build a reputation for being angrily assertive can surprise the world by acting like a child left to his or her own devices in a sweet shop, simply because he or she has been given a form of validation.

Such scenarios might not look pretty, but they speak volumes.

Many years ago, someone tried to explain to me that most famous people are driven by the feeling that something is lacking in their lives. The explanation was not nuanced enough to hit the spot, but the truth probably lies somewhere in that direction.