Cosmopolitan manners

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Wherever a person might have been and whatever he or she might have seen is personal to them. A banal observation perhaps, but it is an area of life that is hotly negotiated and deliberated upon in many cosmopolitan social encounters.

At the heart of the matter is the insecurity of anyone who feels the urge to make a point about his or her cultural allegiances, when he or she meets someone else for the first time.

Taking pride in being a product of cultural assimilation within the context of displacement is a riff that is often displayed. In the long run, it shouldn’t make any difference that a person was born in a location far away from the land of his or her forbears.

Preconceived notions about places each of us regard as home are bound to exist. Opinions of this sort are best kept to one’s self in polite conversation.

Sayings such as home is where the heart is are well worn, but they exist because there probably is a lot of truth in them.