Crazy democracies

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Stories abound of what electoral processes look and feel like in emerging democracies. In African countries of this sort, the images that come to mind are oddly reminiscent of the ferocity that can sometimes be witnessed in world class heavyweight boxing bouts.

Is it any wonder that many of these nations end up being governed by people who can barely manage to supervise their own inner lives?

It could be true that the human race hasn’t come up with a fairer way of deciding how to place people in positions of responsibility for the well being of communities, but perhaps we need to keep on thinking of ways to upgrade the model that has been in use for so long.

Perhaps it is also possible that effective democratic practice is dependent on the social mores of each culture. Not everyone is brought up to make identical connections between actions and consequences.

Even nations that have placed trust in democracy for long periods of time have reached a point where an evaluation is needed. Is it fair to suggest that individual voters in most locations are no longer considering the global picture at election time?