Creative choices

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Building blocks are useful for defining the ethos of creative work in a given genre. Human beings learn words and form vocabularies which are used eventually to express needs, desires, ideas etc.

The growth or development process should work in similar ways across media, art forms and genres. Each person starts from somewhere and builds a repository of symbols that are used to communicate.

Original ideas flow from some folks more than others. This is a fact of life. It has been stated before that the scriptures of several belief systems function as maps or guides that meet adherents at their personal points of development.

What happens to artists who see things that many others are unaware of? Sometimes they just have to make the most of their circumstances, accepting that they might not be in the appropriate time or place to build connections as they would like.

Artists in such positions often have to make choices regarding the range of their creative ambitions. Do they stick to working with the building blocks, or do they move on to explore wider expressive possibilities?