Creative habits

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A performer colleague, now of blessed memory, invited me to collaborate with him on a project on a residency away from home, many years ago. His troupe was given a chalet to stay in, where we were able to cook our own meals. This chap was of Nigerian heritage and his staple diet featured comfort food of that part of the world. He noticed that my dietary habits were very different – perhaps more global in range. He would observe me with interest in the shared kitchen. At first, I thought his attention was based in the scornful attitude that many folks from that region take when they see non conformists doing their thing. After a while he explained that he wanted to learn from me, because he could see the impact of the food I ate, on my skin.

It was interesting to hear his point of view on the matter because my choices were not particularly aimed at making my skin glow, or anything else. I was simply following an impulse to ingest healthy things.

On another occasion I worked with a group of dancers, and after a few days of having lunch in the same space, one of them said about me – “This guy is a health nut”.

In actual fact, the same voices that motivated me to create new music were telling me what my body needed for fuel.

Perhaps I should allow my intuition to take charge more of the time. Sometimes the rational side of my mind gets in the way and leads me astray….