Creative new frontiers

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I can understand why some folks only want to engage with things that are familiar. If they have been brought up in societies where the value of creative ambition has not been recognised enough, it might seem like others who are driven to create and express new ideas could be eccentric.

This does not mean that those with conservative tastes shouldn’t be encouraged to see the world from various angles. Reading through the comments on many social media platforms, it is clear that there is a lot of work to be done.

Arts practitioners are sometimes complicit in this never ending cycle of restrictive thinking. If more of us were willing to really push the boat out creatively, then wouldn’t there be a healthier eco-system for all concerned?

Back in the day, I had problems dealing with fellow musicians who couldn’t understand why they had to “work so hard” to perform a gig with me, when they could earn the same money, from a glorified jam session with someone else.

The idea of extending one’s expressive and technical range, through dealing with unfamiliar tasks was too outlandish for many. After a long while, it became clear that I had to work on my weird ideas, mainly on my own.