Cultures in motion

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Ambivalence about habitual ways of seeing and doing things is a common trait. Some folks look for ways to modify or completely erase traces of the cultures they grew up in when they see opportunities to do so. Pulling off a transformation of this sort is not as easy as it might seem.

Issues of sort are not as rigidly entrenched as many folks might think. The essence of a culture or tradition can be used as a foundation for crafting an updated or customised lifestyle.

There used to be just a few check points and filters for global intercultural exchange. The cultures with access to the tools for recording and dissemination of content tended to focus on producing and promoting messages from their own comfort zones.

Decisions and choices to be made about the weightiness of cultural practices are now accessible to a much more diverse range of communicators than ever before. This is a healthy development.

One man’s epic narrative could be another person’s kitchen sink story. We can all learn from the expanded amplitude of perspectives currently available.