Cut out for leadership

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An extroverted personality usually finds it easy to act on a whim in the presence of others. Introverted folks are slower to move and are relatively minimal in their public gestures. How is being one way or the other connected to having leadership skills or vision?

Wisdom, intelligence, foresight and discipline are stand alone character traits. A person endowed with these qualities might have issues to deal with, as a result of traumas experienced early in life.

Is leadership an overrated skill? What would happen if more of us took personal responsibility for the choices and decisions we make, in the broadest sense?

Organisations need to be managed. Each of us can identify aspects of the human condition that we would like to enhance or improve through making a contribution.  We could call on others to support us in doing so.

What would happen if more of us could focus on the processes of making those things happen, instead of preening over our ego’s mirror reflections?