Darkness in the streets

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There was a scary moment about ten years ago when it was noticeable that some pubs and shops on London’s high streets had gone dark. This was probably due to the financial crisis of 2008. I’m not a fan of Gordon Brown, but it is likely that things would have been a lot worse if anyone else had been running the United Kingdom at that point in time.

Is Brexit going to bring another wave of similar austerity measures? Some of the signals coming from folks with access to more information than most are indicating that the UK might leave the EU with no deal. What sort of impact would this development have on the everyday lives of those of us who don’t have strong views about the situation, one way or another?

Can the current crop of politicians be trusted to navigate the UK through radically changing times? This feeling of uncertainty is one of the reasons why Theresa May hasn’t been challenged for a change of leadership within the Conservative Party. Sooner or later, a scenario will have to emerge.

Shops and pubs on the high streets are going to be useful indicators of the short term future for many of us. Obviously, it makes sense for all of us to hope for the best as the nation lurches forward into uncharted territory.

Similar signals seem to be coming from across the pond, where circumstances have placed decision making in the hands of people who do not seem to have the interests of humanity as a whole at heart. Do we need to brace ourselves to get through turbulence? Is it time to fasten our seat belts?