Dealing with basic needs

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It is natural to want to be seen, heard and accepted by others. The needs we have from childhood are unlikely to evaporate. As we become increasingly aware of the complexities of group dynamics, many humans look for sophisticated ways and means of achieving those aims.

Attention is one of the most valuable sources of power that any of us might possess. How do we know if we are giving and receiving suitable amounts of this energy? All we can do is trust our feelings about what we experience.

When we know enough about ourselves, we should be able to regulate our behaviour so we can make useful contributions that are aligned with the aforementioned inclinations. It isn’t pretty to observe folks who are advanced in years, but who are also unaware of the neediness that drives their actions or utterances aimed towards being noticed.

Popular culture feeds on the energy of folks wanting their fifteen minutes of fame (or more). A lot of negative communication arises as a result of people observing others being seen, heard or accepted. Is there a case to be made for regulation of the way this power is used?

Who will set up the ground rules to encourage sensible behaviour in this regard?

First published on on the 6th of November 2019