Deriving the lingo of the present from the past

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Past experiences accumulate to form the vocabulary that most human beings use to deal with issues in the present moment. For this reason, it makes sense to cultivate a balanced view of what each of us has already been through.

People can decide the extent of the influence of their back stories on the present moment. Some mental energy has to be exerted in reflecting on the options available, but the fact remains that we all have the power of choice in this regard.

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in situations where we are surrounded by others who know very little about who we are or where we’re from. Perhaps due to the fact that there are no observers maintaining an overview, we end up feeling misunderstood. The stories I told myself when my utterances were lost in translation had nothing to do with the folks I encountered on those occasions.

If we are lucky enough to follow through on our journeys towards knowing our authentic selves, eventually we learn that it is up to us as individuals to hold out for personal integrity. No one else can do it for us.

When we’re on the most suitable path, usually we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, we learn that the journey towards the light lasts for a lifetime.