Diary entry of a weirdo

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Casting my thoughts back to my days as a university student, there were subcultures on the campus that didn’t feel like a good fit for me. One or two of my contemporaries took to calling me “weirdo”.

In more recent times, many of us were reunited in a Facebook group and we reflected on days gone by. I mentioned the “weirdo” tag and someone said it was justifiable, because my take on things was different to everyone else’s at that point in time.

Has anything changed in this regard? I think I’m a probably as much of a weirdo now as I ever was, because conventional ways of being, seeing and doing things don’t hold much appeal to me.

In those days, some slightly older observers were concerned enough to take me to task about being different. Now, I get similar queries from younger associates.

Would life be interesting if everyone was to behave in exactly the same way? All I have to say in response is “Vive la difference!”