Dining out on an idea

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Inspiration produces many fine things. In the short term, it is possible that others might derive more benefit from an idea than the person they were inspired by, but in the long run, everyone gets seen and heard with their contributions.

Ideas can be plagiarised, but no one can take away a person’s imagination. In every field of activity there are initiators and followers.

In reflective moments one might remember a trend or way of doing things that seemed to be all the rage, then people moved on and after a while it felt odd to consider the amount of fuss generated by the situation.

When I was a fledgling artist, a more mature observer took me aside and told me to focus on creating my own work, instead of being a gun for hire. He didn’t particularly like my style, but he encouraged me to look within.

Everyone draws inspiration from somewhere. It’s the personal spin that makes a difference.