Diverse Placements

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Living and functioning in a city with a diverse range of cultures and traditions such as London can sometimes leave a person wondering where he or she belongs.

Within a few days, one can move from being immersed in a community of Nollywood performers, who are London based but culturally placed in a Nigeria of the mind, to being with a group of artists who have been brought up to uphold the traditions of European Classical Music.

Depending on a person’s range of skills, talents and interests, this sort of mobility can take place within the same day on occasion.

Does such a person get a chance to check in with his or her mind, to work out which silo feels most comfortable for basking in? In my experience, there isn’t enough time, usually.

When these moments occur, one sometimes needs time to recover from making the mental adjustments required to be an effective communicator in each situation. It cannot be helped that dealing with diversity can demand so much use of energy. On reflection however, it becomes clear that one doesn’t necessarily have to belong to any group, but clarity about what one feels and simplicity in communication skills could be the most suitable way to keep on top of things.

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