Do you sleep deeply?

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Many may not remember the iconic politician who boasted about needing only four hours of sleep each night. In those days, the brag had a similar resonance to the quote from a character in the film called Wall Street that said “Lunch is for wimps”.

Sadly, the politician who hardly needed to sleep seemed to pay the price later in life, having problems with memory, thinking and behaviour. For many folks, sleep has been associated with laziness and other less than exemplary traits.

Those of us who regard ourselves as nocturnal creatures tend to get a bad rap, because the day time is regarded by most people as the best time to get business done. Late risers in the morning probably have to process guilt feelings on many occasions.

Should it really matter when a person chooses to be awake, if he or she is suitably productive in his or her waking hours?

According to experts, it isn’t possible to make up for lost time when we are sleep deprived. All we can do is make the most of the time we have, bearing in mind the benefits of sleep to each person’s general well being.