Doing the things we do

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Thinking about reasons for getting out of bed in the morning, it becomes clear eventually that it is simply part of what we do. It is in our nature.

Due to the power of our imaginations, some of us take on the job of speculating regarding the reasons for our existence. Some folks want to believe that each of us is here to play a specific role. We are all pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle supposedly. If we can see the bigger picture, we can make the most of ourselves in our personal spaces.

But what if it the truth of the matter is, that our lives are randomly present? Does anyone spend a lot of time thinking about the destinies of other living beings?

We have created values, belief systems, laws and other means of regulating our thoughts and actions. They are useful for helping things to tick along, minimising the number of mishaps in our lives, but in the end we must take responsibility for ourselves as individuals. If life is a gift, then perhaps it makes sense to look inwards and make the most of our personal experiences, while we can still do so