Dreams of being

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An interesting online exchange with a colleague got me thinking about the pros and cons of aiming to influence the attitudes and well being of people who one shares things in common with.

It goes without saying that it makes sense to want to make helpful contributions to the lives of others. In recent times however, it has occurred to me that the best investment anyone can make is in tuning into one’s higher self, first and foremost. When this practice is cultivated, it is more likely than not that each of us will make suitable choices that will be beneficial to others.

I’ve had conversations with people I’ve met through the years about various cultural perspectives. Many of us feel alienated as a result of displacement and perhaps we are not aware of the amount of conscious awareness that is required to recognise the things that most human beings share in common.

There is always something new to learn, or a level of discipline that each of us needs to maintain on our personal journeys towards self knowledge.

Altruism and dreams of a better world are noble inclinations. The work should begin from within.