Elusive memory

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When memory gets jogged and images flash through one’s mind, it is remarkable to take stock of amazing times that one has lived through.

Doing subtly subversive work in locations where some didn’t feel strong enough to express their opinions, for example. Or witnessing how years of mistrust, poor communication and injustice could produce neighbourhoods that evoked feelings of perceived constipation.

In the moment, all one can do is aim to be present and make the most of the connections made with fellow humans. There is no sense at that point in time, what it will feel like when one looks back to reminisce.

With the passing of time, all the participants in the scenario move on, and one is left with rueful feelings. Wouldn’t it have been great to spend a little longer, enjoying the buzz of engaging with that group of people?

We can hold on to fond memories, but when the moment has passed, not much can be done about it.