Embracing the shifting dynamics

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The impulse that produced the current state affairs in global politics could possibly be attributed to phenomena such as migration and freedom of movement. It is likely however that the folks who are afraid of shifting dynamics in the world have missed a trick, in not perceiving the symbiotic influence of social media on communities everywhere,

It is possible to restrict the movement of folks from one part of the world to another, based on a variety of filters, but it is almost impossible to restrict the way that ideas, thoughts and feelings can be communicated and absorbed by people everywhere.

Sometimes I flick through clips on YouTube to remind myself of the global popular culture of bygone eras. Information seemed to flow from nations such as the USA and the UK, out to other parts of the world and many youngsters of those times accepted the conditioning without question. In cyberspace, there seems to have been a renegotiation of what is available as stimuli for inspiration. The zeitgeist of today is very different to what I witnessed as an emerging adult.

When things are considered from this perspective, it begins to make sense that some Americans feel the need to draw comfort from the slogan “Make America Great Again”. Obviously the meaning of that phrase is something that should be defined amongst citizens of that nation. The impact of the vision they come up with is unlikely to ever be as resounding as it was at a certain point in the 20th Century.

With the terms of reference up for grabs, everyone in every corner of the globe has much to play for. This can only be a good thing.