Embracing the shifts

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Cultural seismic shifts have happened in the past that must have felt deeply troubling for those who had to deal with them. Silent movie performers of a hundred years ago had to deal with the emergence of the ‘talkies’ for example.

A generation of musicians found themselves out of work when the ‘youthquake’ of the 1960s came along. The dedicated ones waited till the 1970s and the splitting up of The Beatles, before they could get a look in.

The Covid-19 disruption is ushering in new ways for us to communicate and relate to each other. We can stick to the old approaches or be open minded in engaging with the possibilities.

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ offers opportunities for mature people to model willingness to learn, for youngsters to observe and emulate.

Time waits for no one. What are you waiting for?