Embracing wabi sabi

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In recent times, I have learnt a little about the Japanese aesthetic known as wabi sabi. The Wikipedia entry on the subject describes “a world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection”. We all have lessons to learn, as long as we are still engaged in creating things.

Vanity is a hard taskmaster. Sometimes a person receives gifts with one hand, just as they are losing something else with another. Is there anyone who truly lives a perfect life?

Acceptance is an easy word to pronounce and use. Behind the sound and look of the word is meaning. Dealing with what this entails is part of a journey toward personal growth.

What does this have to do with making the most of possibilities? In this world, most of us can only go so far, or do so much. Ambition is a great energiser, but we all need to be aware of our limits.

Falling off the wagon, taking things easy, having a good time… These are all relative terms that can only experienced on a personal level, for each individual.