Emotions and echoes

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Being present in the moment is a practice that is worthy of as much attention as possible. Hearing echoes of events that happened a year ago, there is a part of me that would like to recreate those moments, in order to fully savour what was going on. But the past is another territory.

Investing energy in trying to bring back things that one was too distracted to engage with properly is not really productive. In so doing, attention is being given to times other than the present, and the cycle repeats itself.

In a BBC interview that can be found on YouTube, Carl Jung was asked to give advice to people who happen to be advanced in years. The essence of his message was that everyone should wake up to a new day and engage with the present, since this is what living is all about.

Listening to music that is evocative of times past is interesting, as one is hearing those sounds in the present. Perhaps the function of that exercise is to give ourselves access to the emotions that we aim for, as opposed to somehow retracting our steps.

How is today going to be remembered in a year’s time?