Energy and stillness

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Passion is my favourite form of energy. I get a kick out of waking up each day, knowing that I aim to achieve something specific that might not have been available before. The adrenalin rush of feeling caught up in a mission is something I learnt from the days when I lived in places where opportunities were relatively scarce. Others who have different motivations are often keen to channel some of what I have, into energising their own projects. I am open to a wide range of experiences and I have learnt a great deal from being a participant in these explorations.

There comes a time however, when one has to remember one’s own inclinations. In those moments, the energy needs to be redistributed, to function in different shapes or forms. Sometimes it takes a while to wean one’s self off particular ways of working, before building up the muscles and strength to function in a unique and personal way.

As human beings, we all need time and space to just be ourselves. Events and characters glide past us all on a conveyor belt and in many cases we look at what is happening to others and use the information as a means of assessing how well we are doing. Is this always healthy?

Maintaining an overview on things and knowing when one needs to take time out for reflection is a tricky thing for a freelancer to negotiate.

In those moments is it wise to expend energy on finding stillness?