Expression and choices

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A well known political leader made a memorable statement about the need for strong institutions in Africa. He was referring to the arena of politics and governance, but it seems to me as something similar is needed in the fields of culture, creative expression and the arts.

People of immense talent emerge and ply their wares in their art forms. In many cases, there isn’t a broad based awareness amongst black people about some of the achievements of their fellow men and women.

Is this because the heritages of black folks are primarily associated with pop culture? This may well be the case, but we don’t necessarily have to meekly accept the space that is given to us by others. We can influence the narratives whenever we choose to.

The days of looking to one part of the world for leadership in this regard are in the past. Perhaps we shouldn’t depend on journalists or critics to tell us where the creative energy is coming from. Each of us can tell our personal stories, on our own terms.

Mindsets can eventually be amended, if we apply ourselves to transformative activity.