Extended tedium

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I might have mentioned recently that I have been bored to tears by the Brexit negotiations, but I couldn’t help noticing the imagery used by one of the main protagonists in the debate who threatened to tear a political party “limb from limb”, if the process of withdrawing the UK from the EU is extended over a long amount of time.

It seems likely at present that there will be a delay to the withdrawal, so I’m vaguely interested in observing the melodramatic sequence of events that will probably happen as a result.

Some London based activists have already borrowed a name from the recent protests in France, to call themselves “Yellow Vests”. I haven’t followed their actions and messages in great detail, but I imagine that they are from the “Leave” side of the divide.

The last time that a form of direct action registered strongly in my mind was when students took to the streets in 2010 to protest about the decision by the government to increase the level of potential debt for young graduates through student loans, even though the Liberal Democrats had previously pledged to oppose such a move. The same party went back on its word as part of the coalition government of the day.

Are there going to be Brexit related riots in the streets of British cities? It is hard to tell at present, because the politicians have made such a mess of the situation. Many of us are unclear about what is actually happening. But clocks are ticking away and the moment of truth draws nearer, whether anyone likes it or not.