Farewell to the old ways

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A chapter has closed. Some of us are still trying to hold on to the old ways. Time will teach us what life is going to be about, imminently.

Someone mentioned to me that well to do folks are leaving the cities, to spend time in their rural retreats. Does this really matter? It brings to mind the image of people swanning around in mansions with many rooms. What happens when they go to bed? Do they sleep in all the rooms at the same time?

The abruptness of the lock down culture’s emergence brought a widespread reaction of fear. It has been suggested by contemporary sages that mistrust of other people is really about mistrusting one’s self. Heart rending tales have been told of folks who succumbed to the contagion and the painful feelings of those they left behind. Most of us are still here, however.

Naturally, there is a jolt to the system when a conveyor belt suddenly stops moving. In any other situation, it would make sense to remain still and listen to one’s inner voice. We don’t all handle disruptions in the same way, in any case.

New ways of interacting are appearing, slowly but surely. Are they likeable? Time will tell.