Feeling good about being parasitical

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Leading a luxurious lifestyle is as valid a dream to want to make true as any other. Not having to pick up the tab after consuming or acquiring objects is always worth aiming for, but it feels obvious nowadays that some folks want to live in comfort at someone else expense. There is a person born every minute who could possibly feel that there is mileage to be gained from being involved in parasitical relationships.

This is not to suggest that there shouldn’t be a place for generosity or altruism in human relations. If a person wants to give things to another, from a wholehearted mindset, there shouldn’t be any problem or cynical questions asked.

According to many reports, the “takers” of this world could come from any social level. Royal kleptomaniacs of the not too distant past have been remembered in recent books and publications. The sense of entitlement that motivates folks to behave in such a manner could easily be conflated with notions such as “knowing one’s worth”

But what is the usefulness of having such a world view, yet not feeling able to express that neediness openly? Is it possible that people with such attitudes actually feel shame and embarrassment about their inclinations?

Those who have it in their nature to give generously are not always pushovers or door mats. If there is a deal that needs to be struck in most relationships, who is anyone to judge sex workers for being straight forward in selling their wares?