Fine tuning things we learn

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On many occasions, I have responded to seeing or hearing information by saying “we learn something new every day”.

I can’t say I think very much about what I’m saying when I say it. I use it as an unconscious way of moving a conversation along. In actual fact, there is a lot of truth and depth in the statement.

Much has been expressed about formal learning needing to adapt to suit changing times. Online learning courses are adding a different dimension to the traditional ways of absorbing content.

Is the message filtering through as effectively as it should, that methods and approaches are being radically overhauled? This might be the case in some quarters, but a lot less so on a mass scale.

Every culture has some strengths and weaknesses in this regard. It is likely that some researchers are monitoring the process of transformation. Wouldn’t it save a huge amount time, energy and resources if their findings could be shared across the world?