Flexibility in networks

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I’ve just come across some interesting information that affirms the potency of culture in people’s lives. The information draws scientific evidence from the study of the ants and the way they build local networks that link together to build larger communities. Perhaps the insights to be gleaned from this information could make a difference to the future of African nations, if they are taken to heart.

People of all backgrounds are likely to want to create circumstances as close to what they regard as their comfort zones, wherever they might go, or spend time. For many years, there have been elements within the localities that I have lived in, who want to hold on to values and worldviews that are psychologically reassuring, but not always the most effective ways to move things along towards “progress” or improvement.

Allowing oneself to be adaptable or flexible in dealing with one’s surroundings is not necessarily as reckless as some of us might fear to be the case. For so many years, there was an unspoken uneasiness felt by some of us who are connected to the values of our original heritages, about being regarded as being “lost”, by others in our networks.

Now we are in a situation where the horse has bolted from the stable. Younger generations have come along and they have strongly held views about what to value and what to discard. Because of the demographics involved in this cultural sea change, it is difficult to regard these young adults as being somehow “lost”.

Has this development provided an opportunity for those of us with independent minds to cut ourselves some slack? In the networks I am connected to, where there are African based folks I knew in my teenage years, it is obvious that there are fundamental differences in our ways of seeing the world. We all have a lot to play for, since we’re still breathing