Flowing information

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I have learnt in recent times that many human beings function mainly on our subconscious thoughts, only choosing to be present or conscious for about 5% of the time. Sometimes I wonder if this information can account for the fact that a person can understand an idea intellectually, but still not really “get” it till he or she absorbs it into the body.

Of all the social media platforms that I use regularly, the one I am least familiar with is Twitter. There is something about the design of the platform that didn’t initially grab my attention, when compared to Facebook (in the past) or Instagram (at present). Now, at last, I am beginning to feel the platform’s power.

The word limit of each tweet can encourage users to be acutely direct. Anyone with a background in salesmanship can use this feature to his or her advantage. I remember being in the USA during a couple of election cycles and feeling nauseated by the insidious way that political parties would use radio ads to spread ill will about particular candidates.  The orange hued yeti who currently occupies the pole position in that nation’s government has simply taken the same ethos and carried it on to Twitter.

Having spent my adult life in a culture that takes pride in presentation skills, the bare knuckled energy and hostility of world class selling is startling to behold.

Is it possible that the difference between presenting and selling lies at the heart of the current cultural misunderstandings in the British royal family, for example?