Focused use of energy

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Having spent the last four days coaching a mixture of trained and untrained singers to perform the prologue of a new opera that I’m composing (with a creative team), I feel I know enough about the pros and cons of using energy wisely.

Some folks are focused in their energy use, because they don’t have a wide range of interests. I have always been a person who seemed to have more options than those regarded as “normal” to have. My singing teacher (of blessed memory) warned me that I could possibly be misunderstood for that reason, but I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made, to explore as many possibilities as I have available to me.

At this stage however, I guess it’s time to start thinking about making a clear commitment to a specific path of action. The human body can only put up with a finite amount of energy being expended at any given time and I have looked warily at some artists who appeared to be full of zeal, passion and youthfulness, who were suddenly curtailed due to burn out of one sort or another.

Right now, it is pleasing to have reached a point in the journey where we will be sharing the work we’ve done in a Resonance Residency at Opera North in a work in progress performance this afternoon.

After the performance, I hope to give myself a voice rest for some days, before diving back into the fray of my crazy lifestyle as a multitasking freelancer.