Focused vision

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Narrowing down of options is a skill that comes naturally to some folks, but less so to others. When a person is aware of his or her potential to function in a wide variety of ways, it takes time and energy, trial and error alongside a few other qualities to settle into a productive mode that facilitates focused living.

In some cases, people simply focus on a limited range of options because they haven’t had access to chances to explore. Folks who are unaware of what is available in the world to draw inspiration from can sometimes be fortunate, because they don’t have to sift through all the external stimuli to get on with being themselves.

If knowledge is power, then it makes sense to give as much time as possible to the appreciation of what the world has to offer. It is a privilege to learn so much and eventually reach a saturation point, where a person knows that he or she is fortified with enough of a hinterland to understand the basics of what human beings care about.

A friend sent me a profound video clip recently that compared a life’s journey to travelling on a train. Our parents or carers accompany us at the beginning of the trip and we somehow expect that they’ll be there all the way, only for us to discover that they have to get off the train and we’re left to continue the journey by ourselves, sometimes accompanied by folks we meet later on.

Some of us have longer journeys than others, probably because we have lessons to learn and possibly some insights to share. Obviously, there are pros and cons to being present at every stage of trip. Can anyone ever know everything? The mysterious nature of life is possibly the thing that keeps many of us going.