Freedom of creative spirit

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As an artist, my work is an adult form of what children do when they play. Providence has created situations where I can spend lots of time with children, giving them access to opportunities to become ambitious in the context of playing. I am able to remain in touch with that freshness of creative spirit that young people have, and it influences the work I do with fellow adult artists.

The energy I’m referring to has little or nothing to do with fashion or the concerns of show business. It is linked to a pure sense of curiosity and adventurousness. This is not to suggest that I don’t enjoy any show business products. Artists and entertainers need to be paid to maintain other aspects of their lives. There is a sense however, of creativity being filtered through the perspectives of gate keepers, which might be acceptable to some of us, but we should all have the agency to decide where we stand in this regard.

I was once told that it doesn’t pay to be multifaceted as an artist within the system where I live. I had a few unpleasant experiences with gate keepers in the past that seem to confirm this notion. Does this mean that I should suppress my natural inclinations, in order to fit in? I’ve experimented with that way of doing things and it didn’t make life any easier for me.

I learnt from visual artists that one shouldn’t go against the flow of the material one works with. A piece of wood could be carved and sculpted into a beautiful creation, but it doesn’t make sense to make something that goes against the shape or form of the source material.

Is there something to be learnt from this principle in nurturing one’s skills and talents as a creative person?