Freedom to associate

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Is it a blessing or a curse to have a pure heart? I have heard many tales through the years about folks who pitch their tents in situations where they stand to gain in material terms, even though they have no real interest in the people they’ve chosen to associate with. From a distance, it looks like a lot of hard work, having to feign interest in the ups and downs of another person’s life.

Most of us will have experienced situations where friends and onlookers tell us they couldn’t understand why we didn’t simply go along for the ride, especially when there was so much to gain.

The reality of life is, that possibly the most precious thing we have is time, followed by good health, to live the lives we’re supposed to live. Why would anyone want to fritter that gift away, putting up with less than fulfilling company?

In simplistic terms, this viewpoint could be regarded as opportunistic. Nowadays, terms such as “ghosting” have been coined to describe the act of not wasting time associating with those we don’t find to be stimulating, or inspiring.

If one looks at this phenomenon from another angle however, isn’t it more genuine to move on from an association that doesn’t click, than to hang in there with such a person, regarding contact with them as a chore?