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“Juwon’s performance in his Progress Ceremony really spoke to the inner self” – Chiara McKenzie, Newham New Development Project
“Juwon is an informed and talented composer and excellent communicator who can exploit his rich cultural and musical heritage in imaginative and complex ways” – Annie Menter – Consultant to WOMAD and Afrika Eye Film Festival
“The Other Side of Truth – Musical was quite a feat and I take off my hat to Juwon. Moreover, I still find myself humming some of his songs” – Beverley Naidoo – author


Juwon Ogungbe is composer, singer and musician with many strings to his bow. From composing for the BBC, Southbank Centre and Royal Shakespeare Company amongst many others, to singing principal baritone roles in operas, oratorios, song recitals and jazz ensembles, Juwon has developed a unique and personal musical voice that will touch your heart, as he has done to audiences across the world.

His hauntingly memorable melodies and lyrics and gift for evoking feelings of timeless African Classicism makes his music a perfect soundtrack for long distance journeys, or even intimate shared moments with loved ones.

For a limited time, Juwon is giving away a recording from his most recent music theatre project “The Other Side of Truth”. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free track.

So enter your name and address now, load up your iPod and enjoy. As a listener stated after witnessing Juwon Ogungbe’s Progress Ceremony. “Juwon’s music really spoke to the inner self”