Fruits of the flight

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Travelling across international borders used to be exhilarating, in the days before dissidents chose to spoil things by taking harmful substances and objects onto planes. I used to look forward to exploring duty free shops in airports and didn’t have to be unduly concerned about my hand luggage, having to take off shoes, belts and other accessories. On my last visit to the passport office I had to go through the same entry process into the building as if I was about to go on a long haul flight across the world. I can’t pretend that I don’t feel nostalgic sometimes for the days when things were more innocent.

Having said this, I remember having a protracted disagreement with a younger acquaintance about the fact that the act of travelling becomes less fascinating, the more one does it. Perhaps the debate was pointless, since he was yet to have gone through as many experiences as mine

At the end of the day, human beings all over the world share a lot in common. There is a limit to the number of superficial discoveries one can make in sightseeing. I have derived most value from looking within when I go to places far away from home.

Do we really need to go through the demands of travelling on planes, boats or trains to have those feelings? The next best perk that travelling has offered me is the opportunity to be face to face with interesting people from elsewhere in the same space.

Lounging about on a beach or similar holiday resort might be some people’s idea of heaven. In my opinion, I would rather be involved in doing something with folks from the other place. That way, I am able to find out about them and myself, thus opening up the possibility of  a much richer experience being had by all .