Gentrification of the credible streets

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Now that certain areas in London that are usually identified with street credibility are moving towards gentrification, such as Brixton and Shoreditch, it is easier than it used to be, to entice friends from well heeled parts of town to take a risk on attending shows and events in those districts.

In the not too distant past, I remember being involved in a theatre production that had a London run in a venue which is now regarded as a leading fringe/Off West End space. The stage manager left his laptop locked in his car for a short while, so he could deal with other matters. By the time he went back to the car, it had been broken into and the computer was stolen. Maybe the 2012 Olympics were helpful in ushering in more effective policing in the area, but things are a lot safer nowadays.

Longfield Hall might seem a bit distant to folks who live north of the river, but it is easy to find. The most straightforward way to reach there is to turn right when leaving Brixton Tube station and walking straight down to Loughborough Road, where one should take a right turn.

On arrival at the junction on Loughborough Road with Akerman Road, the next thing to do is to cross over on to Lilford Road. After walking a few yards, Knatchbull Road is at the second turning to the left on Lilford Road. Longfield Hall, which is on Knatchbull Road, is the venue where I shall be performing Afonja’s Minstrel – my new performance piece, a week from today (Saturday, November 3rd at 3pm and 7.30pm).

I’ve made the journey several times now and it seemed easy enough for me, speaking as a North Londoner who doesn’t cross the river as much as I used to. I hope to see my friends (from all over London) at Longfield Hall next week.