Giving attention to the self

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It might not be the same for everyone. Maybe we don’t all feel a certain amount of pressure to fit into a mould in order to receive attention or approval.

Why does validation from others matter, in any case? Is it because many of us sense that we need it to survive?

Choices are made, based on perceived attitudes about the most strategic way to get ahead. Meanwhile, there are real people inside us who pine for space to simply be ourselves.

Public debates in recent times have exposed the fact that we should be more generous to each other, as we travel on our personal paths. There are thoughts and feelings that we might recognise as part of the human condition, but each person experiences them in his or her unique way.

External events are shaking things up at present. After a while we will get used to a new pace. Wouldn’t it be great to find the wiggle room for journeying towards self discovery?