Goliath, the shopkeeper

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Someone posted a video on Facebook that had me laughing for ages.  A surly shopkeeper appeared to have a less than respectful attitude towards his Black customers. One of those shoppers was a young man who ended up in a dispute with the shopkeeper about a matter that wasn’t very clear from the clip. The young man was slight in build and appeared to be mild mannered. The shopkeeper was big, burly and gave off the energy of a bully.

In a flash, these two guys were beating each other up. On the surface, the shopkeeper looked like he was going to prevail, due to his size.  He didn’t realise however, that his opponent was skilled in a specialised form of combat. Before our eyes, the shopkeeper was taken for a fool, being sent off in directions that he didn’t aim to go in and generally getting thrashed by this young fellow.

A group of women stood on the sidelines, chorusing “ Ho!, Ho!, Ho!, with every punch that landed on the shopkeeper. Meanwhile, he ended up on the shop floor in a heap, with cardboard boxes restricting his movement. The young man took a final opportunity to give him several upper cuts to the jaw before standing up and gracefully gliding out of the shop.

The shopkeeper rushed to get up and was on his way out of the shop to follow his assailant, when he was stopped by the voice of one of the women saying “Excuse me….!”

He turned around to look at the woman and she said “My twenty dollars…” The shopkeeper had to forget about the drubbing he had just received. Returning to his till, he got on with serving his customers. Someone caught all of this action on a phone and circulated the clip, much to the amusement of many folks – yours truly included. I don’t normally get any pleasure from watching people fighting. It must have been the David and Goliath quality of the scenario that I found funny.