Goodbye to the nation state

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I have come across prophesies recently, claiming that the idea of the nation state will soon come to an end. Perhaps this would be a positive step forward for our species. A lot of time, energy and effort are expended on highlighting the differences between us, when we know deep down, that we share the same attributes to a large extent.

One of the reasons that the USA’s global influence seems to be waning is the fact that the nation’s leadership has chosen to project an insular mindset. I’ve been told by older (and possibly wiser) souls that human beings can’t resist the tendency to categorise. Attention to detail and having terminology to describe specific objects and subjects is useful, but it is likely that we have gone overboard in so doing.

When I’m asked questions about where I’m from, or about my ethnicity, it makes me wonder if the person doing the asking simply wants to make assumptions about the way I think, feel or do things. In some situations, this tendency comes across as patronising or disrespectful, as if the person asking the question can’t be bothered to find out who I really am.

It is obvious that people of various races and ethnicities have migrated and settled in places far away from the homesteads of their forbears. In many cases they have intermarried or had offspring who are of mixed ethnic heritages. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we could all get rid of some of the psychological baggage that we carry around with us?

On the other hand, I’m not suggesting that we should forget local customs, traditions, languages or anything cultural. These features are all part of what makes the world an amazing place to live in.