Goodness and grace

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Appreciation of goodness in the world is an underrated character trait. Some folks have it naturally. Others can be encouraged to be aware of it, but maybe they are really being nudged in the direction of becoming people pleasers.

When appreciation is given from a natural place within, the impact of the energy is felt in a profound way and it leaves a mark on other people’s hearts.

In those cases, it is usually clear that the expression of recognition has been given without any ulterior motives on the part of the person offering an opinion.

That person creates a bond that lingers for a long time after the initial exchange. He or she is likely to be regarded in high esteem, even though such an attitude wasn’t being actively fished for.

Is there any point in emulating people of this sort? Probably not, as each of us is endowed with personal qualities that we ought to make the most of having.

First published on on December 29th 2019

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