Habits and results

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It has been noted on many occasions that cultivating specific habits can only produce a consistent set of results. Sometimes a person can get carried along on a carousel or conveyor belt that entails doing the same actions over and over again till events intervene that cause a hiatus.

Apparently most of us spend 95% of our waking hours being led by our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Interventions can suddenly make us see the world in new ways. Having the presence of mind to alter our approaches to lifestyle can send us off in directions that could be baffling to those around us.

I learnt in singing about finding the voice I was born with. A lot of babies are born with excellent voice placement. When they cry, they use their natural voices, but as they grow older they copy things they hear from older folks around them, resulting in their voices finding alternative spaces. Healthy voice training should take each of us back to where we started, except that our bodies would have obviously developed, so there is usually some work to be done in aligning with those physical changes.

Is it possible that we should be aiming to do something similar in personal growth and development?

The journey never ends, but it does make sense to be aware of the most useful path to travel on, accepting that we can only ever truly be works in progress as we do so.

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