Hazy crazy days

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In the unforgettable words of John Lennon “Nobody told me there’d be days like these; strange days indeed!” Some folks are lucky enough to have mentors and guides who counsel them through most of their life stages. I sense that they are in a minority, so the majority of humans have to deal with a random series of curve balls that hurtle towards them when they are least expecting.

The unexpected events might happen to us indirectly, because we see them occurring in the lives of our nearest and dearest, but they can pack punches that affect us emotionally.

It is in such moments that it becomes obvious that there is an energy that we all share in common. We can give that energy any name we like. We even try to analyse and explain about the energy’s essence, but the most important thing to remember is that it is there.

One door shuts, another one opens. Paths cross and possibilities emerge that can sometimes be shelved, only to resurface at a later stage, so that those involved in the encounters can join the dots, or do something similar.

Bearing these thoughts in mind, it is obvious that the current times we’re living in are exceptionally charged. How will they be described when we look back from the future?