Hearing the inner voice

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On several occasions in recent years, I have chosen to listen to the promptings of my inner voice, to create pieces of work that express things I felt an urge to share, regardless of whether I received support to bring them into being or not.

In one or two cases, the work was shared publicly on only one occasion and nothing happened as a result of the efforts I put in, but more often than not, other ideas and projects emerged as a result of the stimuli I provided.

I listened to an online conversation between two thought leaders. One of them spoke of the importance of motivation in presentation. Some folks want to give and others want to take.

In the short term, the takers might be successful in getting what they want. Further down the line, the givers find that their output resurfaces, often paying dividends that were not aimed for.

Travelling through uncharted territory might seem like a waste of time and energy, but then a moment turns up when knowledge of an unfamiliar process suddenly becomes very useful.