Here forever

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How do we know about the lifestyles of our forebears from thousands of years ago? If archaeologists didn’t have access to cave paintings and drawings, so much would have been lost forever.

Through the centuries, human beings have developed increasingly sophisticated ways and means of documenting our lives and times. In the era of mobile phones and other similar gadgets, people from all walks of life are able to contribute to the repository of customs, traditions, history and culture in the broadest sense.

Whether we choose to be consciously aware or to live our lives on autopilot, time doesn’t stand still. We have great opportunities to learn from each other when we maintain a sense of occasion, making efforts to preserve aspects of our heritages for future reference.

‘Having a good time’ is a personal experience. Some of us enjoy creating symbols that could potentially linger through the ages.

Being observed or being an observer (or both) is an option available to all.