Holding on to baggage

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Baggage is acquired by anyone who manages to reach a level of maturity. There are bound to be moments in each of our lives that we would like to remember with fondness. Fellow wayfarers might have their likes and dislikes as well, regarding what they know about our experiences.

Occasionally images might return to us in waves or flashes of nostalgia. In many cases, it might not have felt particularly special to have lived through the event, but it resurfaces in our consciousnesses and we wonder what it was all about.

The subconscious mind might want to jog our memories, so we can learn something from the past occurrence that could be useful in dealing with issues we are facing in the present. It is what it is.

On reflection however, one could also regret the fact that the recalled moment was not fully savoured at the right time.

Does it make sense to conclude that being present and consciously aware is the best way to make up for feelings of this sort?