Holding the baton

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In a song cycle that I composed over a decade ago, one of the songs is called Passing on the Baton. Someone I was working with at the time suggested that I could record myself singing and post the clips on YouTube. I decided to make a project out of creating the set of songs and posting them on the platform.

Here is a link to the recording made by me and Waiyin Lee in 2008: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbUvQGzF2fU

At the moment, it feels like a baton was passed on subconsciously in the sub-cultural milieu that I inhabit. I don’t remember being part of any dialogue or exchange about things moving on in this way.

Would it have been useful to have some direct engagement about this issue? Conscious awareness of group dynamics probably leads to cohesive and constructive development.

We can all learn from the past, aiming to do better in the future.