How do you live?

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The clinking of cutlery against plates, heard from outdoors, evokes an ambience of genteel civility. On the surface, it might seem like a better way to live, when compared to the sounds of food being eaten by someone using bare hands. But is this really true?

Other comparisons can easily be made. Things regarded as raw and others refined. At the end of the day, most of these value judgements are reliant on each individual’s mind.

Covid-19 has given the world a shake up.  Flakes are now settling in our snow globe. At times, it feels as if the human race is being nudged into reassessing the status quo.

Aspirations are part of one’s motivation for getting out of bed each day. Our imaginations tell stories that can be modified easily, whenever we feel inclined to look within.

A lot of time and energy is given to contemplation about scarcity and having surplus goods. Who knows how good or bad anyone feels in any given moment?