How do you sleep?

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For several years, I would listen to chakra meditation recordings at bedtime. It was suggested by those who produced the recordings that it would be most beneficial to play them all the way through the night. I have no scientific evidence that this practice made a positive difference in my life, but I had a revelatory moment when I met a woman at a dinner party, who explained to me how the quality of sleep can contribute immensely to each person’s well being. After that encounter, I experimented with sleeping in silence. I’m clear in my mind about my preferred option.

Is there any better way of monitoring and maintaining well being, other than to go with the way we feel?

In the discussion I had about the benefits of sleep, I learnt that it could have an impact on a wide range of ailments, including high blood pressure. As I noted yesterday, the 5 am Club might be a good idea for some folks, I have to trust the signals I get from my body.

The UK once had a Prime Minister who bragged that she only needed four hours of sleep to function efficiently and effectively. Is it possible that she eventually paid the price for not resting her mind and body enough in her heyday?

A new day can bring a new discovery, I have found.