How much attention does a person need?

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Some folks thrive on being watched. Attention gives them a charge of energy. Does it matter whether the attention is for positive or negative reasons? Obviously each person has a different tale to tell about this. Small children start interacting socially and these traits can be seen for what they are, stronger in some cases than others.

Others might not be introverted, but they would like to keep some aspects of who they are and how they function for themselves. It is likely that everyone would like his or her presence to be acknowledged at some point, but not on a basis of having no privacy at all.

Renowned figures in history probably wanted to be known for aspects of their lives, but probably not every single detail. Was there ever a time when the human race had the range of tools for observing and disseminating information that we have today?

Getting attention from others is pursuit that needs to be handled with care. In recent times, the smart phone has added a dimension to our lives that many of us never anticipated. What is the psychological cost of dealing with the energies of other people’s reactions to what they learn about us?

It would be interesting to find out what experts have to say about the impact on our inner lives of the level of scrutiny many of us have to deal with nowadays, compared to the way things used to be. Even if we are not in the business of getting noticed, there are too many intrusive demands in everyday life.